Rachel + Lance // Effingham, IL Wedding Photography

This is the second time I’ve been back to the church Natasha and I got married in and the first time that she has been with me to photograph a wedding there. It’s kind of cool being back and being able to see a wedding happen there because it’s kind of like we get to relive our wedding day too – of course the big difference is we are in charge of ensuring the couple is not disappointed with their pictures. Without sounding too salesman-like, when planning a wedding, do be sure to do plenty of research on your photographer. Look at the pictures they are producing on a consistent basis. Not just one session because you never know, it could have been a workshop, and while workshops are great for expanding your knowledge as a photographer, it’s a big difference when you have someone mentoring you by your side and being alone on a wedding. Also, don’t fall for the “XX amount of years of experience.” The photographer Natasha and I had advertises this way, and trust me, if we were happy with the outcome because of all these years, I wouldn’t be a photographer right now. But that’s a story for another day.

On to Rachel and Lance. 🙂 These two we so amazing to watch as their wedding day progressed. You could see without a doubt the love they have for each other and how fun their personalities are. This of course makes for an incredibly fun wedding day as a photographer when such fun personalities come together. On top of that, their wedding party was a blast to work with too!! During our outdoor pictures, they provided an insane amount of laughs and it was definitely a wedding we’ll remember for a long time to come! But it didn’t end there, no, their reception was equally as fun. Rachel and Lance’s wedding reception was one of the few weddings where the entire wedding party is out on the dance floor busting a move ALL night long, and when we left, they were still dancing like it was the first song. It’s these types of receptions that are so hard to leave when we are finished, but at the same time, it’s such an awesome note to leave on when we wrap things up. I absolutely LOVED photographing Rachel and Lance’s big day and I feel so privileged to of met them. Now… on to the pictures. 😀