Last year at this time I had worked with Blake and Crystal. These two were such fun people and such a unique couple. I had such a blast working with them and have so many memories of their wedding. One of which I remember walking into the reception and BLOWN away at the decorations. Everything was handmade and rustic and it looked amazing and went well with their theme. I also remember the assembling of the bouquets the day of the wedding as they were finished pretty much right when the wedding started… talk about timing. But these two were so special and their wedding party was an absolute BLAST to work with.

I got to know Blake and Crystal pretty well as we drove down to St. Louis together to do their engagement session. What a fun time it was. We spent a few hours walking around the Arch landing and found SO many amazing photo opportunities, but more than that we got to know each other on such a personal level, by the time their wedding came around they hardly felt like wedding clients but rather good friends. This is when the branding of my business started to take a very different turn. I wanted it to reach this point of course, but Blake and Crystal kind of kicked of my branding of more than just great  pictures, but a great relationship as well. They were also the first wedding to end my days of using discs. That’s a long story, but I no longer work with discs because of how unreliable they are and how frustrating it can be when you try three times to pass pictures on a disc. Everything is handled online through a cloud now, so no more worries of faulty/scratched discs. 🙂 Overall though, these two were so much fun, I can’t say enough about them. Happy Anniversary Blake and Crystal!!