Riley // Mattoon, IL Senior Pictures

It seems to be a common thing this time of year; flowers start to bud, grass becomes green again, inconsistent temperatures, rain, and inconsistent temperatures (yes, so much so it deserves to be listed twice). We started scheduling Riley’s well over a month ago near the end of February. One of our attempts would have been the perfect day for a shoot, we receive inches on top of inches of snow, however the 40 mile difference was not going to allow us to shoot because of the amount of ice that came with that snow. We rescheduled… and rescheduled again. Days got extremely cold for the middle of March, so cold that even a mini session would have been torture. Many of our ambassador sessions have been cold because they took place in February, however the temperatures we saw were simply TOO cold for any shoot to happen.

We finally caught a bit of luck though, we rescheduled for the beginning of April and just like that we went from under 30 degrees and snow to sunny and mid-60s! I’ll take that any day. There was so much potential for pictures I was having a creative overload in my mind, but these shoots are just mini sessions just so our ambassadors have something to hand out at school, so I didn’t want to do some of these locations half heartedly, so mental notes were taken for our full shoot later this summer/fall. I cannot wait for them. Riley did great at the shoot, and I’m sure she’ll do just as great as an ambassador for us.