Robbie & Ashley // Maternity Pictures

Although the leaves are gone and the landscape is dead, there’s something about a late November maternity session that seems to liven up the environment. Looking through Robbie and Ashley’s pictures, sure it’s clear to see that most the vegetation is dead but you hardly notice it because of how precious a new life coming into this world is and how amazing it is to celebrate the pregnancy. We went out to a location that I typically don’t do very often because it is overly used, but I knew on this particular day that it was a tad too cold to keep many people away. It’s my philosophy if you want to be a good photographer and capture great pictures you have to be willing to work whether it’s 0 degrees or 110 degrees. Thankfully on this given day it warmed up into the 40s so we were all right. The next day the temperature dropped and ever since it’s been dropping lower and lower so I was thrilled we were able to make this day work.

It was just a month or so ago that we did the gender reveal pictures and time certainly did fly by. The day is quickly nearing that Robbie and Ashley will be having their baby girl and they are so thrilled and it’s this excitement that makes the maternity session so fun. What a great way to celebrate this time and have those pictures to be able to show their daughter of when Ashley had her inside of her as a baby. I’m so happy for this two and can’t wait to meet their baby girl!