Sara & Lee // Evansville, IN Engagement Photography

It all started at the University of Southern Indiana when Sara and Lee met each other and would eventually turn into this crazy little journey we call love. 🙂 So it only made sense that we head back to where it all began for Sara and Lee. From the sidewalks, to the quad and even the gym… them same gym that Lee proposed to Sara. Both Sara and Lee were on the cheer team, and I’m sure you can imagine how the proposal went. You guessed it, it was definitely a cheer proposal… with a cheerful ending (wow, cheesy line). Anyway, what an AMAZING campus USI has! This school I swear was just built last month, every building looks brand new and pretty modern looking too. So as you can guess, I felt so much like a kid who walks into a candy store for the first time, and the candy is free!

And what can I say, Sara and Lee were such an awesome couple to work with. Full of laughs and candid moments. The locations looked great and the lighting worked out perfectly on this day; bright blue sky, perfect temperature, it was photographer’s Heaven. 🙂 Every picture was taken on USI’s campus from the back 40 woods, to a cabin, a pond, and even the gym. You would almost think we weren’t on a college campus from the pictures. We finished things up in the gym because I did not want to risk losing good daylight, and because Sara and Lee were planning on doing a couple stunts, and I definitely didn’t want to have the shoot cancelled due to injury in the first 10 minutes of the shoot… so we saved that till the end. 🙂 Thankfully Sara and Lee are good at what they do and there weren’t any mistakes. Even as Lee held Sara with one hand in the air he was able to look at me and smile no problem, I was definitely impressed by their skills. Overall, this was a tremendous shoot. Sara and Lee were an absolute blast to work with and I definitely cannot wait till the wedding!!