Sara + Tim // Vandalia, IL Wedding Photographer

It’s January, and wedding season is already starting for us! It’s definitely exciting because in years past when we would have the entire winter off from weddings, the first wedding of the year always had a bit of butterflies in the stomach feeling, and you might not realize this, but being a wedding photographer requires some sort of physical upkeep, because after a few months of not shooting a wedding you realize how out of shape you have become. Even with working out, shooting weddings has a different sort of physical requirement than running on the treadmill. It’s hard to explain, but trust me – it is. Because even with my last wedding being at the end of November and my next wedding being in January, I did feel a level of fatigue. I workout 2-4 times per week and I play in a hockey league, so definitely don’t slack, but those excitement nerves on top of being on your feet all day, it starts to take a little bit of a toll on you.

No matter how out of shape I realize that I have become, it’s still super exciting to get started with weddings so soon! I met Sara and Tim not too long ago and I immediately knew these two would be awesome to work with. So much so they braved the piercing cold winds to get pictures outside. During our meeting we talked about pictures after the wedding and I told them that if anything they should at least just spend 10 minutes to get some pictures outside because 20 years from now they will be happy they braved the cold to have those pictures. NOW… this was in regards to if it was 30, maybe 25 degrees out and with some snow, I had no idea we would face the weather conditions we had.

I woke up Saturday morning and checked the weather to see what the temperature would be. said a high of 40 degrees. Not too shabby for a late January day. Typically in cold shoots I’ll wear thermal pants under my dress pants, a coat, gloves and a hat because my bald head doesn’t fare well in the cold. However, 40 degrees? I don’t need thermal pants or gloves, it’ll be a good day. If you’ve ever taken pictures in the cold for a period of time, you’ll know just how important gloves are. On my way to Vandalia, I noticed the wind was pretty strong. I was pretty bummed because wind and hair that is done up never seem to go together. I arrive to the church, get out of the car and that’s when the wind hits me like a train of ice! It was FREEZING cold. And there wasn’t a spot that was safe from the wind, this was the type of wind that seemed to follow a person. It’d be blowing from the south, so you would hide behind a building and all of a sudden the wind is blowing from the west. You couldn’t avoid it.

Granted this was not the type of weather I was expecting when I met with Sara and Tim, but they still had the mind set of braving it out, along with their wedding party too. I don’t think they wanted to, but they were troopers and posed along side the bride and groom to get them some amazing pictures. And yes, it was freaking cold and insanely windy, but I truly believe that they will remember the time we stepped out for pictures for many many years. While it’s a somewhat negative thing it was fun. You couldn’t help but laugh because of how cold and windy it was and it’s this kind of memory that will stick around for a while and I believe that it will be something that allows them to remember just how amazing of a wedding it was.

And it was just that, amazing! The wedding went smoothly. The reception was a small intimate event with just close friends and family. Sara and Tim were amazing to work with and I’m thrilled that I had the opportunity to photograph their special day!! 🙂