Save The Dates + Being Different

About a month or two ago, Alyssa emailed me about what to do for a picture for her save the dates. She was in need of a digital file. As I typed my response out giving her the options in how to purchase a digital file for her Save the Dates it dawned on me that I could design them. I’ve done postcards, magnets, etc in the past for my business so I thought why couldn’t I do them for save the dates. Plus it saves her time and money (in some cases) not having to make them herself. So we agreed on a quantity and price, and I got to work. I’m pretty happy with the way they turned out. Alyssa wanted the option of postcards (cheaper than magnets, and larger).

You might ask why I spent the time to blog about this? Well, lets call this my plug for save the dates. 🙂 If you are in need of save the dates whether you would like postcards, magnets, or any other form, please feel free to ask, because where as most photographers focus on one specific style (weddings, seniors, etc), I like to change things up all the time, get a feel for different areas. Plus, I went to school for graphic design, so why not use what I learned? But I am a fan of different, not just in how I take pictures, but in my day-to-day doings. So if it means one day I’m editing a wedding, and the next designing save the dates, bring it! Because I LOVE different!