Alyssa // Springfield, IL Senior Photography

I’ve said it many times before, but I love working with seniors who are a fan of America’s Next Top Model. You know with their senior year just around the corner they are studying that show (or shows like it) and taking mental notes. No different than being engaged and attending a friend’s wedding and taking mental notes of things you liked and didn’t like. 🙂 This was definitely the case with Alyssa. Typically, I open up a session just doing a few shots that usually don’t make the cut because there’s a small transition time of feeling comfortable with the person taking pictures of you. No matter how much we talk or feel like long-time friends it’s kind of intimidating having a camera in your face. However, Alyssa was ready to go from the first snap of the shutter. So why wait and take random pictures that won’t mean much, lets get down to business… and we did just that. It almost felt like a wedding day shoot because there was no time to even take a breath! I mean that in a good way though. There was never a dull moment whether it was Alyssa’s excitement from seeing a small preview of her pictures or her mom waving her hand in the pond water to make ripples, or her grandparents calling her crazy for wanting pictures next to some old junk piled behind a shed. This shoot was definitely one for the books and not only the great pictures we were able to capture, or the fact that I snapped more pictures at this shoot than any other senior session, but working with Alyssa and her mom to capture some amazing pictures an absolute joy! I always love photographing seniors, especially in the middle of wedding season because (and I know I’ll sound like a hypocrite from my early statement) it’s a great time to just kick back without having to worry about a schedule and not only capture this final year of high school, but to also catch up on the latest trends of what types of poses, locations, style of images people want. Nobody sets these trends better than the next generation. 🙂

Alyssa was definitely awesome to work with, and I wish her the best of luck during this last year of high school! Now what are you waiting for? Check out the pictures below! 😀