Senior Ambassadors: Courtney & Molly

I decided to put both of these sessions into one post rather than chopping it up. I did take the pictures on the same day, so I guess that is good enough for one blog post. 🙂

Let me just preface by saying that March has got to be the ugliest month as far as landscape is concerned. The trees are dead, the grace is dead, it’s muddy, skies are gray… but that’s the fun thing about being a photographer, none of that matters! It’s all about making even the ugliest tree look good. Anyway, the day started off with Courtney’s shoot. The sun was trying to sneak out of the clouds, but the clouds just would not let that happen. That didn’t bother us at all though. From the muddy bank of a creek, the waters of that creek to an old barn that was about to fall down we captured some pretty awesome pictures that definitely gloomy outside look good.

Next came Molly. As soon as I took the turn to meet her at the park, I see her standing next to an 84 Corvette!! 🙂 I LOVE Corvettes and I was immediately jealous. We explored the woods, and some bridges, and we got some pretty amazing pictures for the landscape that we had to work with. I decided that because the landscape was not so pretty that we would take a darker sort of grungy approach. And personally I think they turned out great. No, it’s super colorful and soft like you see most senior girls, but I think Molly and Courtney were a ton of fun and perfect for these pictures! They did a great job getting their model on and really brought out some good looks.