Senior: Casey

Casey is one of those girls that I think modeling could be in her future. I love when a session consists of me taking a picture and the person immediately switching poses for the next picture. That’s kind of how Casey’s pictures went. I don’t think I got any pictures that were alike from one another. The session was a blast, but it was extremely HOT…or rather humid. My shirt was literally so wet I could squeeze sweat out of it, and most of our poses were in the shade, so I’m not sure how I was so sweaty. Whoever though photography would be a walk in the park better think again, note for the next shoot in the heat: BRING A TOWEL. lol

But Casey was so much fun. She had a plan for where she wanted pictures, what kind of poses she wanted, so it could not have gone any smoother (except if it was about 20 degrees cooler, that would’ve been nice).