Senior: Clayton

As senior sessions start to come in full swing, I had to make sure to get a session in with my brother-in-law. Nothing beats doing a senior session, then getting a cooked meal afterwards! 🙂  Of course, I guess having the family connection has a little to do with that. But just like when doing a friend’s wedding is always nice once in a while, same goes for senior sessions. It’s nice to have someone I know personally that asks me to do their senior pictures. In a sense, I almost get to see a side of them that I wasn’t that familiar with, or find a new personality trait that I was not aware of. With Clayton, I knew he wanted pictures with his car and his four wheeler, but I never imagined that this session would consist of me taking a picture of him on his four wheeler in mid air. Now, I just want to mention, I never push someone to do something dangerous for pictures. This was all his idea, I just snapped the picture. 🙂 It was actually quite funny. As Clayton’s mom, sister (my wife), and his girlfriend are in the background watching in fear, I’m standing right in front of his landing to get the shot. I wanted to be sure this was a one attempt deal, so I was risking my own body to do so. And it turned out great! At least, I think so, he’s the ultimate judge of that. It was pretty funny too, because call it the adrenaline rush of being in front of a camera and being a little braver in what you do, but he actually landed about a foot further than he had done previously before pictures. On top of ramping four wheelers, Clayton then works his wait to an extremely old windmill, and I didn’t know what to think about this shot, but after some test shots and experimentation, I think they turned out great. All in all, this was an awesome session! Clayton reminds me a lot of myself in high school. Do things cautiously, but put a camera in front of me and I’ll do anything you want, kind of mentality. But Clayton’s personality really came out in these pictures, and we definitely went different and unique on this one!