Courtney // Beecher City, IL Senior Photography

So I think I’ve made a bad habit lately of taking WAY too many pictures during sessions! Wait, did I just say that? Okay, it’s not a bad habit, it’s a great habit… but it definitely makes the editing process, well, interesting. Coming into 2011 I thought to myself when it came to engagements, seniors, and so on that I would focus on taking 30-40 great pictures and provide clients with that. But as I got into the year and I started taking more and more pictures each session, I thought, what happens if I take 150 great pictures? 300 great pictures? 640 (for a senior, I know crazy!) great pictures? And now with engagement and senior albums becoming a hit, there’s no way 20-30 or 40 pictures will do it. You’ve got to have a variety of pictures in there. So for this reason, I do not limit my time for portrait sessions, or outfits. In fact, I say the more time, the more outfits, the better! 🙂

So this leads us to Courtney’s senior session. This was our second session, which is becoming another very popular thing among seniors, so we were definitely comfortable working with each other and I knew her a little more to bring out her true personality and what kind of poses she liked and which ones she didn’t. So we explored a family friend’s piece of property full of wooded areas, very old school antiqueness going on outside, a pond, you know all that jazz. 🙂 And we tried some new things, and we captured some pretty awesome pictures. Courtney has been such a fun girl to work with and I can’t wait for her and her family to see the pictures.