Senior: Hayley – Session #2

Lets rewind back to session number one back in July, the week it started to get miserably HOT! Well, that was 2 months and about about 20 degrees ago! This was a completely different session. A nice cool breeze, sunny… Just right. And because it was much cooler we could spend more time walking around looking for locations, and we got some pretty awesome spots! Completely random spots, but I love them! After shooting at a shed in middle of town we worked our way to a fire escape ladder where Hayley and I ventured about 30 feet up to do some pictures on the steps, then all of a sudden she’s climbing the rail and extending her arms!! I’m sure after that shot, and my shot with Clayton ramping his four-wheeler, one might think I encourage risky or dangerous shots, but I promise I do not suggest these. These shots are 100% the senior’s idea! lol Now, don’t get me wrong, I won’t say not to do it… if you want to, more power to you, I’ll just snap the shots. 🙂 Anyway, this shot is probably one of my favorite shots! While you can’t see just how high above the ground Hayley is, something about it just stands out to me.