Senior: Karly

This was kind of the second session with Karly, after doing some pictures of her during her sister Casey’s pictures at Ballard Nature Center. However, Karly’s session to us to the basketball court in the middle of nowhere, and a corner of trees with enough leaves to start a hundred fires. 🙂 AND… It was about 10 degrees cooler, so that always helps lift the spirits. Karly wanted some basketball pictures, and by now I’m sure you know I do not like to do the same thing because I want the pictures I do to either look different or have different locations because I feel that unique pictures flow with a unique person. Anyway, the court that came to mind was the same court that I did Hayley’s basketball pictures at. However, we shot on the other side of the court and did some different poses, so it was a successful shoot. Then walking only a matter of yards to the corner of trees where the ground was covered with leaves, we got some awesome pictures there as well. When we got to the final pose, I asked Karly if we could cover her in leaves, and she was definitely up for it. Karly’s personality was so fun, and I feel that it definitely shows in the pictures!!