Kayla // Effingham, IL Senior Photography

When I first met with Kayla, I knew she would be a fun senior to photograph, and during the shoot she was all about having some fun pictures. We started downtown where we got some pretty rockin’ urban pictures and the color looked too good. I don’t know if you could plan it any better with the outfit she was wearing and the color of brick behind her, it just made her pop and I’m all about popping pictures. I see way too many pictures these days that just look flat, don’t get me wrong I don’t want you to wear RealD glasses to see it in 3D, but I definitely don’t want a person to kind of blend in. 🙂

The locations that we had to shoot at couldn’t have been more perfect as well. Especially with the angle of the sun and the lighting it was giving off. As we were walking to a location I noticed the sun was beaming in through a tree and because there was a good amount of dust moving around it casted this amazing flare that I just had to get. It was a completely random location but they ended up being some of my favorit shots. One of Kayla’s most requested shots was a wide picture with the sky in the majority of the pictures, and you know I’m all about these. I love pictures that could potentially be LARGE prints on the walls. Lets be real, just like 40 is the new 30, 20×30 is the new 8×10. 🙂 At least it should be. haha

I had a great time with Kayla’s shoot and I wish her the very best during her last year of high school!