Meranda // Effingham, IL Senior Photography

I was very much looking forward to Meranda’s shoot, of course because I enjoy photographing seniors. I feel they bring an edge and trend to photography that’s ever changing and by working with seniors new ideas spark for angles, poses, edits and that all works into everything I do. But aside from the obvious, I was looking forward to her shoot because I knew that some of the pictures would be her car. Now I know what your thinking, don’t most seniors have a picture with their car? Yes they do, but it’s not every senior that I get an opportunity to photograph a car that I first started photography with. No, it’s not MY car, but it’s a Toyota Celica, and this was the car I had my senior year of high school and after every wash/wax job I did on it, I would take it to some random location and photograph different angles, and then I’d photoshop them. Keep in mind this was just when digital was becoming slightly more affordable, but for college I wanted a film camera, so I was still using film. And I greatly appreciate the fact that I started with film because it gave me so much knowledge of the camera itself. I think so many people today rely heavily on that little green square with hardly any knowledge of what exactly is going on in the camera.

Enough about me though Meranda was  total blast to work with, as well as her mom. I know her parents personally so I knew this session would be full of laughter and good times. And maybe it’s just me, but I LOVE pictures of people laughing. It’s so candid and so real. Of course, I love the stage of happiness (which is probably another reason I enjoy working with seniors and weddings) so maybe I’m a little biased in that area. But Meranda herself was an awesome senior to photograph. She definitely had some flare and attitude that came out in her pictures. And of course a lot of great laughs, and all of these made for some pretty amazing pictures. I wish Meranda the best as she finishes her senior year! 🙂