Molly // Altamont, IL Senior Photography

Molly had recently got back from the big apple where she did some shopping specifically for her senior pictures. I love when seniors or even couples get this involved in their pictures, because you know their idea wheels are just turning and they’re building up an excitement that really shows in each image. Just like every other person that books me, Molly wanted pictures that didn’t look like everyone else’s. She wanted something more out of the box thinking, and I love this because that’s exactly what I want to. Whether it’s the location, or the angle I’m taking the picture from, I don’t want them to look ordinary, because lets be real, ordinary is BORING. And it seems like a lot of photographers get comfortable and do what they know and what they know is the same thing over and over… I WANT to be uncomfortable. because if I am, I’m pushing myself to look at the scenery differently, and to think of images in a whole new light.

Molly made it pretty easy too. She was willing to try anything and we got some fabulous pictures of her. Plus this was her second shoot with me, which is becoming very popular now! I’m very happy with the way the pictures turned out and I know she’s going to love showing these of to her friends! 🙂