Senior: Samantha

I’m sure you know me enough by now to know that I like different, even if a session takes place in the exact same location as another I want to have different angles, poses, and lighting. So when I met with Samantha at Ballard Nature Center in Altamont, IL I know I had to expand my horizons. I’ve done a handful of sessions out there so far, and don’t get me wrong the place is AWESOME, so I knew finding different spots wouldn’t be a challenge. And we did find some good spots, we even used spots that I have shot before but the pose and composition of the picture is completely different than the others. Samantha was awesome to work with as well. She was willing to try odd poses that I’m sure she thought that there was no way a good picture could come from it. And because everything from the WPPI road show is still fresh in my mind I tried some new lighting techniques, and we were able to get some pretty rad pictures! And then there were the pictures of her laughing… I LOVE these pictures. I love when real emotion can come out during a solo session like this! It may not be the picture that you get on a 20×30 gallery wrap, but the picture just screams fun! And in some cases it makes me laugh too, so it makes the day a good day! 🙂