Senior Year in Review // New Picture Sizes // New Website

Wow, so much has happened in the past week, and I can’t believe just how fast this week has gone too. Over the last three months I’ve been working with Earl & Layne to revamp my website. I suffer from this problem where I’m never satisfied with anything, well I guess some might call it a problem, I call it awesome. However, this “awesome” problem can get expensive and very time consuming. For example, I’ve been in my new studio not even a year yet and my desk has moved literally four times. My presentation area has moved three times now. I love to change things up. Unfortunately, when it came to my logo and my website, this is where it got expensive and time consuming. Sure, I went to school for graphic design, but I’m a photographer, so I do not have the time to spend hours designing a logo for the fifth time as well as redesigning my site for the… I actually lost count! So, the last few months I hired a web designer (Earl & Layne) out of Arizona to completely redesign my website, and WOW!!! What an experience working with them, and they captured my personality to the T. They were awesome to work with, and VERY quick, I might add to. At the same time, I hired a local graphic designer, Design Pro to redesign my logo, and I was super impressed. I’m so happy with both designs, and I feel now I have a look and a feel that will help carry my brand to the next level.

With the revamping of my website and logo, I’m actually in the process of revamping my blog. I am doing this by myself as it does not require too much work, plus I’m not as busy as I’ve been all year, so I have some time to experiment. One of the changes I made recently was to allow for larger pictures. For those of you on a smaller screen size, the pictures are pretty big as they are, but I decided it’s time to make them even bigger!! 🙂 I want to show off pictures as close to their full glory as possible, and I had some room to expand on my blog. This leads me into my Senior year in review. What an awesome year for seniors this year. I nearly doubled my senior bookings compared to last year and we expanded to so many more locations, and we had the opportunity of working with some AMAZING seniors!! Speaking of seniors, we’ve got some big things in the works, one including hair/makeup with bookings!! More details to come, so be sure to follow the blog and facebook page for updates. So excited for 2012!