Shayla + Sam // Altamont, IL Engagement Pictures

Have I mentioned I LOVE fall sessions? I’m sure I have… multiple times over the past few years. I think the think I love most about this time of year is of course the weather, but it’s also harvest time, maybe it’s all the pollen in the air that helps my midwest nose to breath right (HA), but the smells, the sights, everything is fantastic. Shayla and Sam of course wanted to have their pictures done with the fall colors and scenery, including a freshly harvested field with a barn in the middle of it. I loved it!! And these two were so fantastic. Something I love doing with pictures is having the couple express their real reactions, most of the time it’s laughter, but sometimes it’s a serious intimate moment. But I absolutely love pictures with people laughing. Pictures like this seem to make the stress and worries of everyday life go away and you can’t help but at least crack a smile. So when I told Shayla and Sam to start laughing, it first started out as a cheesy/fake laugh, but you know the saying right? “Fake it till you make it.” This fake laughter eventually led to them cracking up at how silly they were acting and it was at that moment that such real emotion came out and the pictures turned out amazing. These two were laughs the whole time and it made for such a fun session. It’s engagement sessions like this that I wish never ended, but of course I would end up going crazy with the amount of pictures I would have to edit. HA Congratulations Shayla and Sam on your engagement!!!