Sisters // Altamont, IL Family Pictures

I absolutely LOVE when I get an opportunity to work with people I’ve worked with previously. First of all, it’s incredibly warming to be asked to do pictures on multiple occasions by the same people and secondly, after the first shoot we are able to build up almost a friendship so the second shoot is like hanging out with some friends. When Ashley contacted me to do pictures of her and her sister Hayley I was of course on board, even if it meant shooting on one of the coldest days of fall… yes, fall. I’m just now getting to this because I could not post the pictures until after Christmas because this was a Christmas present for their parents. 🙂 Of course, for this reason, I loved the idea of some pictures that much more. It was definitely a cold day, one of those kinds of cold days where the wind is cold enough to numb your joints and give your nose a nice shade of red. However, that didn’t stop these two from keeping the pictures look like a nice fall day. The other challenge we had, because we had such a long string of cold days, the leaves had completely changed to dark brown and had fallen, so how does a person make it look like fall in the pictures? LOTS of trees. Even though you don’t see the leaves the brown of the trees blurred and the golden sun shining in, who needs leaves?

Overall, it was a fun shoot, I loved having the opportunity to work with Ashley and Hayley again and of course I love family pictures! These pictures will be cherished for many years by their parents and it’s for this reason I hold family pictures to an equally high standard as wedding pictures (but I’ll blog about that another day).