Spring is here

Is this weather just the best ever?! The sun is out, it’s 60-70s outside, and everything is becoming green and colorful! Not only is the surrounding environment taking off, but weddings are beginning to take off, the studio is nearly finished, and I can now mow my grass!! Yes, I have been looking so forward to this day, and I am thrilled that I can finally get my mow on! The studio is starting to take shape. The last step is to stain the trim and install it, and other than some other bits of furniture, props and prints, the finish line is just around the corner. And if you have ever run track before you know how that last corner feels. You don’t have a bit of energy left in you, but for some reason your legs start to move faster and faster and you start to question if you are even going to be able to stop them… that’s about how I feel right now with the studio.

Anyway, SPRING! Just when we thought there was no chance of another warm day, the snow finally melted and it seems like overnight the grass became deep green and flowers are starting to bloom! Call me crazy, but other than photographer ever since I got married, landscaping is probably one of my top three hobbies! Something about doing whatever we feel to our yard and having that control to do what we want is somehow exciting. And then to finally see flowers starting to bloom and branches budding green leaves, it makes all that work worth it.

So happy Spring (seeing that we don’t get one of those late snows) everybody. Go outside and enjoy it, because at least in Illinois you know it won’t be here long. Two more months it’ll be 100+ and humid and 4 months after that… Well, lets not think about that right now. 🙂


^^I love my iPhone! 🙂 ^^