St. Louis, MO Architectural Photography

Weekend number 2 of having the opportunity to photograph architecture. Unlike last week where we had a pretty open room with TEN Brooke LeAnn and Jimmy Johns, this was a new dentist office with a handful of rooms and hallways. It was pretty interesting, I never thought I would walk into a dentist office and say “WOW!” but upon entering Natasha and I pretty much at the same time said “wow!” The office was Valley Park Dental Care in Valley Park, MO. As you enter the doors, you are invited by brows, tans and greens; very much a coffee house feel, and very relaxing and inviting, perfect for a dentist office in my opinion.

As you walk the halls each room is set up very openly, but at the same time, as you enter each room you do feel a sense of privacy. I absolutely loved having the opportunity to photograph the office. Setting the camera up, rearranging items to produce a picture that clearly shows exactly what you want to see when you are looking for a dentist office, there is something that is fun and challenging at the same time as you hide items, or move items to create the perfect image.