Stephanie & Colt // Effingham, IL Wedding Photography

With just a few weeks to plan a wedding, Stephanie and Colt hit the ground running and in a matter of just 3 weeks they had an entire wedding day lined out. I received Stephanie’s first email literally 2 weeks before the wedding, and they “officially” booked 8 days before their wedding; a new record for me. 🙂 During our meeting they gave me all the details of their big day and how it was to take place at Tuscan Hills Winery in Effingham, IL. So I knew that it was already going to be an amazing wedding because of the location, but wow – Stephanie and Colt took my expectations of just how amazing the wedding would be and surpassed them greatly! Not only did they have a wonderful location and time of day to have the wedding, but the day itself went so smoothly and you would not even have guessed that it was put together in just three short weeks.

Stephanie and Colt were so amazing to work with. As I’m sure most of you know when it comes to a wedding day there can definitely be hiccups, whether it’s someone showing up late, the DJ not having a certain song, bad weather, and so on. And like every wedding, there were a couple hiccups during the day, but Stephanie and Colt had such an amazing personality that they weren’t going to let a minor issue get in the way, and I absolutely loved this about them. Because I think it’s very easy to become upset and feel like your day is ruined, and with that kind of attitude, I’m sure it wouldn’t be the greatest memory. But with these two, they were so in love that it probably could have started storming, the electricity go out and the caterers not make it and they still wouldn’t have cared. They had friends and family there to celebrate their big day, and nothing was going to get in the way of their love for one another.

Aside from their personalities, these two just looked good together. And as a photographer snapping pictures of them they made my job almost too easy. We’d set up a pose and I’m not one that I want to take 50 pictures of the same pose, look, angle, etc. I like to snap a picture, change it up, snap a picture, change it up and so on. Stephanie and Colt seemed to either know this about me or they wanted the same thing because it was seriously like working with a couple professional models where I’d tell them what to do and they would take that and expand on it by looking a way, angling their head a different way, smile, no smile, and so on and so forth. Of course, I’m probably going to credit the love they have for each other here too. They seemed to mesh so well together that they could take killer pictures with very little effort. I’m so excited for them and their future together because if they can work together this well on planning a wedding in 3 weeks and work together this well during a photo session, I’m going to say that they will make a great team together as they begin their life with one another.

Thank you again Stephanie and Colt. You two were such a thrill to work with and I wish you all the very best in your future together. 🙂