Stephanie + Devin // St. Louis, MO Engagement Pictures

Aw, winter engagement sessions – they can be a tricky thing, especially in the midwest. You can count on snow to happen, so when we scheduled Stephanie and Devin’s engagement session we had no idea that we would have a nice layer of fresh snow (and ice!), but thankfully we did, and thankfully the roads weren’t too bad to driver, because just the night before the roads were a nightmare! However, the other thing you get with winter sessions is COLD! And by cold, I mean insanely cold! We had quite a breeze that seem to just punch you in the face with ice cold wind, at least cold enough that my fingers would literally freeze and I could barely push the shutter release on my camera.

However, we braved through it, it’s all about the picture, right? Stephanie and Devin did great with how cold it was. We would take some pictures, bundle up in some layers, warm up and then they would remove the coats, run out to the spot I wanted them to be and we’d snap a ton of pictures. The pictures turned out great too. With a good coverage of clouds, we didn’t have a crazy glare off the the snow, you know, the type of glare where the sun is blinding you from above and from the ground so the only way to walk around is with your eyes closed. Not only did we have the cold to battle, but we had ice as well. Sidewalks full of ice as well as some roads sure made the travel through St. Louis fun.

After shooting engagement pictures down by the arch we made our way to Busch Stadium. Since it was so cold, hardly a soul was around so we were able to get pictures uninterrupted. However, I guess this was the time of year for Busch Stadium to update their lighting because all the light covers were removed from the signs, but whatever, we made it work! And Stephanie and Devin made due with what we were given and they did great! After Busch, we made our way to Edwardsville to get some pictures for their save the dates. Their reception will be taking place at the Wildey Theater, so we had some fun working with different poses there that will surely make for some great save the dates!