Wedding: Stephen & Sara’s

The last time that I saw Stephen and Sara is was New Years Eve 2009, it was COLD, windy and lots of snow on the ground. 7 months later, here we are in the heart of summer, hot, humid and sticky…but it wouldn’t make photography interesting if everything were the same. That is one of the reasons I love being a photographer because I get to work in all extremes and in betweens! 🙂

Stephen and Sara’s wedding was beautiful! Everything from the chapel to all the moments before during and after the ceremony. The most memorable at least for me was driving through the park looking for some locations and running into a medieval battle taking place. Oh yes, I don’t joke. Easily 40+ men (yes, grown men) fighting with fake swords and other weapons in front of a 2×4 and cardboard castle front. All the while back at camp the women and children (dressed in medieval clothing as well) were cooking for those brave men! So it didn’t seem right to just drive by, a picture was in order… I was speechless. lol