Taylor // Altamont, IL Senior Photographer

What a perfect day for a senior session. Partly cloudy, temperature just right, and practically no wind. As we explored though the paths and grasses of Ballard Nature Center we found a lot of great photo ops. The thing with Ballard Nature Center is that is very popular in the Altamont area because of the vast array of places to take pictures. However, there are three very popular areas that are almost used for every session that takes place there, so I push myself to find new places or make a spot look totally different than the last. And unfortunately we had been in a pretty deep drought around the time of Taylor’s pictures, however it provided for some very different looking pictures out by some of the bridges. Not many people will get the opportunity to stand in middle of one of there ponds with completely dry land. 🙂

From there we found some amazing spots to capture the sun coming in behind Taylor providing a GREAT backdrop and some awesome lighting. Taylor (and her family) were so much fun to work with, and we had some pretty incredible photo opportunities that will be totally unique to her because just like the pond, unless we have another drought no one will have pictures down there. And having totally unique pictures is one of my main priorities when shooting. 🙂