Telsa // Altamont, IL Senior Photography

Like I said in my previous post on my session with Danielle, doing shoots in February in Illinois can be tricky. There will be days that it’s 60 degrees outside and you almost get the feeling that spring is just around the corner. The next day, however, it will drop to the 20s and six inches of snow has fallen. It’s definitely hit and miss, but thankfully I have some pretty awesome seniors that won’t let the temperature get them down. Telsa, in fact, even wore a short sleeve shirt for some of her pictures. This girl was tough! I don’t know how she did it because on the day of her shoot it was not only cold but it was windy as well. The great thing is, you’ll never know it because she rocked the shoot and did away with any cold feeling. Sessions during this time also provide a handful of challenges for me, especially shooting in such a small town. Unlike large cities, we don’t have much architecture to work with, and while it is a small town we have very little trashy areas that look great for pictures, so the challenge of location is definitely there. However I also enjoy this part of the shoot because it pushes me to expand my creativity and even try some new things. Overall it was a great shoot, Telsa is another ambassador that I expect will do great.