The Only Constant is Change // Part 2

Maybe I’ll make this kind of a monthly blog, who knows, but I absolutely love this quote and I think it’s extremely powerful if your business lives by this. And I know this blog post will be somewhat similar to my last, but think of it as kind of a reminder. In any business, especially in today’s digital age, if you aren’t changing your ways constantly you will quickly become a dinosaur. In whatever business you’re in you’ve got to evolve and try new things to find out what works. Why? Because your competitors are doing just that, because for some of them they have nothing to lose, so they are trying anything they can to get business.

So what can you be doing? It’s the end of the year so this is a great time to reflect back on this year. Review your pictures, have someone critique them. Look at your financial records, how did you do? Did you make an income you are happy with? If not, what do you need to do differently to make the income you want? What kind of experience did you provide? Is there anything you can change? If you did all online proofing, what if you look into in-studio presentations? If you just handed prints/albums out in clear bags, what if you started packaging them nicely? Do your pictures resemble the branding you want or are they all so different because you worked with anyone and everyone just to make a buck. These are all things to think about. You pictures should be consistent with your brand so that when people see them, they know what they will be getting from you, so they will book you for YOU.

This is a shorter blog, but it’s some things to think about. I am doing this right now as well as I go over everything and making a list of changes I need to make as well as a list of goals I would like to accomplish for next year. So what are you doing to change? What are your goals for next year?