Next on the list I wanted to touch on experience. Numerous times I’ve been looked down on because of my experience. But does experience really have anything to do with the photographer you are choosing? My answer is yes… and no. I say yes and no because you could choose a photographer who has 20 years of experience, they take GREAT pictures, but yet they are very traditional and formal. On the other end a photographer with very little or no experience may not know their equipment that well but they have a great eye of pictures. So just because someone has 20 years or even 1 month it does not justify the type of photographer they are. However, they might have 20 years experience and be really fun or they might have 1 month experience and take great pictures with a modern approach. So if all you get from this post is one thing let it be this: Interview your photographer, judge him/her by their work, not by the number of years under their belt.

Experience also means more than just how many years they have photographed weddings, but experience also pertains to business. The business of photography is far more than just snapping some pictures, I’ll be the first to say that! 🙂 By that I mean, what is the photographer’s lead time to finish your pictures after your wedding/session? Do you want to wait 12 months for your pictures or 2 weeks? What kind of experience is your photographer providing you? Is it an experience that makes you want to come back for more family pictures, baby pictures, etc.

I’ll keep this post short because I have the tendency to type and not stop, but remember that just because a photographer has a good number of years under their belt does not mean they will be better than the one who has only shot four weddings. However, that does not mean the one who has only shot four weddings will be better than the photographer with years of experience. If that’s not a catch 22? HA Interview your photographer, get to know them as a person and business, look at their work and make your decision from that. Hope this helps! Have a great Thursday all!!