This week’s blog is all about personality of your photographer. Last week I talked about the first and foremost decision making factor when it comes to choosing a wedding photographer; Style. Personality kind of branches off of style, but in my opinion it’s a factor in it’s own. So what does your photographer’s personality have to do with anything? Lets say your wedding is June 9, 2012. That’s about a year and a half from now. Now for those of you who have had or are having a June wedding, you know that booking early is better! So you’re hunting for a photographer right now and find the one, and you book that photographer. It’s February now, so for the next year and a half you might have any questions for the photographer, your engagement session, and other meetings, then you’ll have your big day working with the photographer all day. THEN for the next 3-6 months you could be dealing with your photographer depending on if you get any albums or not. Most photographers can produce your pictures within a one month time frame, if they can’t, I would be cautious (but this is a whole different topic).

So with the above said, it’s very typical that you deal with your photographer for 1-2 years. Now I’m not saying that there are certain personalities you should stay away from, it’s just something to consider if you will enjoy working with that photographer. Also, let me note that you will be able to figure out their personality in just the first meeting. 🙂 Lets say you have a very bossy arrogant photographer who is always pushing you to do things you don’t want to, but yet you are the type that just wants to sit back and let things happen, how is that going to mesh? On the other end of the spectrum what if your photographer is very quiet and almost shy, but you are very outgoing and like to be told how to pose, how is that going to mesh? If the photographer produces GREAT pictures that you love, that should obviously be your top bullet point, but number two, in my opinion, should be their personality. A wedding can really become a nightmare by your photographer’s personality. I have heard MANY stories of instances where a couple were miserable because of their photographer’s attitude.

As I mentioned in the first paragraph, this topic kind of branches off of STYLE. Why? Because I think many photographers will incorporate their personality into the pictures. If the pictures look very colorful and loving, and very happy, it might be safe to say that the photographer will have a similar personality. However, don’t let dark grungy pictures make you think that the photographer will be very dark and mysterious. This is not always the case. Meet with your potential photographer, because a meeting is more than just seeing more of their work, or finding out what poses they like, it’s kind of a job interview and you are the boss. So evaluate your photographer, is this the right person for me? I like their work, but is their personality something that I will enjoy working with for the next year or two?

Just a couple questions to think about. Happy Thursday everyone! Friday is just around the corner!! 🙂