Planning a wedding I’m sure you are just overwhelmed with the amount of vendors out there available to provide a service for your wedding. Whether it is the reception hall, a DJ, or even a photographer. So how do you make your decision on who to choose that ONE person or company to use? In my opinion, the number one factor should be their style. This can apply to the reception hall, decorators, DJ, and even the cake! We’ll focus on the photographer, though… Seeing that I’m a photographer. 🙂 Style is a pretty basic concept to understand; what’s your style? Do you prefer traditional wedding photographers, contemporary, photojournalistic, far-out, etc? There’s really no wrong way to go here, each photographer is an artist in their own way. So just because one photographer does pictures this way, and another does it another way, neither is wrong in the way they do pictures, it’s their style as an artist. Because there are SO many photographers to choose from, you can easily find one that matches your style or preference of pictures.

Maybe you don’t know your style of pictures. Hey, it happens, I didn’t know mine when Natasha and I got married. I just knew I wanted candid shots, but it wasn’t till after we got our pictures back and I started doing photography that I wish I would have thought about style a little more when choosing a photographer. So how do you find your style? Lets start with your house, apartment, or even you bedroom/dorm room. How do you have it decorated? Is it very minimal? Is it modern? Traditional? Contemporary? Artsy? Colorful? Neutrals?  In my opinion this would be the easiest place to start. So now maybe you have an idea of what kind of style you like around your room or your home. Now check out the photographers that will be able to provide that kind of style. And let me note that a photographer’s artistic style goes far beyond than the pictures they can produce, but also in their personality. How do you get to know their personality? I heard a quote once that said, “A website is the handshake, and the blog is the voice.” So check out their blog, most photographers these days have a blog, which I love because rather than just scanning through the pictures you can read a short story of the day as well.

So to wrap this episode up, if you take only one thing from this post take this: A photographer’s style is more than just the pictures on their website. I’ll expand on this next week, but keep in mind that it’s very easy that you might spend 1-2 years dealing with your photographer, so if they have the style of pictures you like, but not the “style” of personality you prefer is that going to outweigh the pictures they produce? What’s your style?

And just for fun, I’ll leave you with a picture of our newest edition to the family: Roxie