Traci & John // Busch Stadium Engagement Photography

Just another day at the ball park. Except this ball park was Busch, and it wasn’t just another day! Not by any means. I love capturing pictures that are out of the ordinary whether it’s the edits, or pose, or the location – and seriously? Does it get any better than having access to a professional sport’s venue? Okay, maybe a skydiving engagement session but it’s going to take a lot of convincing to get me to attempt that and stay chill shooting it. 🙂 I can barely stay chill shooting at Busch Stadium and this was my third time there. The experieince is simply amazing, and at times it’s almost hard to believe that we are in the same dugout as people’s favorite athlete. It’s definitely a pretty cool session and of course, quite an experience. Like a professional athlete or performer, I feed of the energy of the crowd. Except my crowd doesn’t consist of 20,000+ screaming fans (unless you count all of you, Internet. 🙂 ), but it consists of two. Working with Traci and John was pretty much like “WOW!” the entire time! They were so excited to be at Busch Stadium to do their engagement pictures, so much so, they were practically jumping with excitment. Part of me wanted to join, but I’m already doing my best to make it look like I’m keeping my composure. You know, the type of vibe that this isn’t a big deal, it’s kind of an every day thing for me – that kind of vibe. While on the inside I’m doing sprints screaming with excitement because of the amazing venue we are allowed to work in.

Like I’ve mentioned above and many times before, when a couple is genuinely excited for their pictures like John and Traci, it makes the session SO much fun and so easy to shoot. Excitement and love is what I want coming from my engagement pictures, and if they are excited about the location, I’ve got that nailed down, and hopefully the love each other so that’s nailed down – this makes for one amazing session! The excitement didn’t stop at Busch though. Just like my session last week, we came back to the Effingham area to the TREC trails to finish up the engagement session. What an amazing location, and one that I’ve actually not been before, so I liked it even more. There were so many spots where the sun was peaking through the trees creating a soft golden glow in te background and it’s spots like these that the pictures turn out beyond amazing!! I think I was spoiled though at my last shoot with Kristen and Kory where we shot at the country club and got to use a golf cart to get around… the TREC trails was a different story. I mean they are trails, so think about it. LOTS of walking! I don’t mind though, walking is a good exercise so nailing down an engagement shoot and getting a bit of cardio in? Not a bad way to spend an evening. 🙂

Anyway, I think the pictures speak for themselves and the love that Traci and John have for each other is quite evident. What a fun couple, and I cannot wait till their wedding day as I’m sure it’s going to be even more amazing than their engagement session!