Warner // 1 Year Baby Photography Altamont, IL

Baby sessions, no matter how the day goes always seems to put a smile on your face. Watching how babies react and act, how they will look at you (or not look at you), how they cry, laugh, and any other sounds they make, it’s so much fun. With our shoot here, we had double the fun when we had 1 year old twins in for a session. These two were so much fun because as twins it was so cool to see how close they were as brothers, but also to see how different they were in their personalities. I think some of my favorite pictures was when we sat them down individually and captured their uniqueness from one another, to see how they smiled, laughed, even cried. I’m all about crying pictures, because let’s be real, these are the pictures that mom and dad show off to your friends (even boyfriend/girlfriend), and those important birthdays and events like graduation. These are the pictures parents love to have for situations like these. Of course, when it comes to hanging pictures on the walls, you want them to be fun and smiling, so we definitely accomplished that. I had such a blast with this session and even more I had a blast looking through and editing the pictures.