Ali & Andy // Neoga, IL Wedding Photography

As I drove to the location of Ali and Andy’s outdoor wedding I was literally shaking. No no, I wasn’t nervous about shooting the wedding, but it was pouring outside about 5 miles from their location. The location looked beautiful when we did the engagement pictures and I didn’t want rain to ruin their big day. Thankfully, the rain stopped and surprisingly the sun was peaking out… it was just 5 miles ago that I was having to slow my drive down and turn the wipers on full just to barely see the road. Fortunately things changed much better when I arrived to the location of Ali and Andy’s wedding. As a matter of fact the sun even started to make an appearance and would later come out completely as the wedding day progressed!

As the wedding party started to arrive I knew this would be a very energetic wedding. The members of the party, Ali and Andy, they were all so much fun to work with. With their inside joke poses, shooting fireworks at the camera for the picture, everything they were just a blast. And Ali and Andy, what can I say? They were just a great couple, literally smiling from ear to ear all day you could tell the love was in the air… not to quote the Lion King or anything. As the ceremony began, we kicked things off by introducing the groom, Andy and his groomsmen being ferried in by boat to the shore. It was definitely pretty unique and definitely put a fun twist on things. As the wedding day progressed the ceremony went so smoothly and turned out to be an amazing day for a wedding.

Ali and Andy were definitely a ton of fun to work with and I know there are great things for them in the future! Congrats you two!! 🙂