Wedding | Andy & Jackie

I think the one downside to wedding photography is that time flies by SO quickly!! It seems like just yesterday I was snapping Andy and Jackie’s engagement pictures downtown St. Louis. Now the wedding is already over. I guess I would compare the time between and engagement session and wedding like a good movie that you just don’t want to end, or like an adventure movie (Lord of the Rings) that comes to an end and there’s nothing left. Sort of like that. 🙂 The wedding day came and Andy and Jackie did a first look together so that we could get pictures taken care of before the wedding. I’m a HUGE fan of first looks, especially on this particular day. We got some fun outdoor pictures with Andy and Jackie and some with the entire wedding party, and had we planned to do this after the wedding they wouldn’t have any. Some clouds started rolling in and a light rain turned into a steady heavy rain, thank God we got pictures done before hand.

The church was absolutely beautiful with golden pillars, very high ceilings, and surprisingly bright light. They did a good job and making the lighting look like part of the architecture because I did not expect to be as much light as what was pumped out. A little backstory on Andy and Jackie; Andy coaches a baseball team so they are of course very big into baseball. And to make their reception entrance unique the two ran into the building, Jackie a bit further and the DJ announced that Jackie would be throwing the first pitch. VERY COOL! She through the pitch, Andy caught it and the two hugged like a romantic-movie type hug. It was very special and so much fun to capture the moments!!