Wedding: Coby & Alisha

It’s definitely an honor, and always a blast to be the photographer of a friend’s wedding! Alisha, who in high school was the one who held a sign up with my name on it during my basketball games was one of my best friends in high school. You probably wouldn’t have known this if you saw us, because something about her begged for me and a few of my friends to pick on her. We had a pretty tight knit group in high school. Of course in a class of 28 people, I would sure hope you are all friends. 🙂 But Alisha was always a really fun and outgoing girl, and nothing had changed 5 years later during her wedding. It was now my turn to hold up a sign, or rather a camera, and cheer Alisha and Coby on with the pictures that I took. The pictures turned out great too! The both of them were awesome to work with! It’s always nice to have an emotional bride, but when the groom becomes emotional, it’s almost a warming feeling that just can’t be described, and I think that it’s felt throughout the entire auditorium.

I love this picture here. This is where we were laughing because of Alisha’s rockin’ AC/DC shirt she had on. I told her that she is probably the first bride I’ve photographed in the background of her flowers with an AC/DC shirt….or any band shirt for that matter! What a hoot! 🙂