Dan & Krista // Effingham, IL Wedding Photography

Just like Amanda & Trevor, Krista was a childhood friend from back in the day. I can remember in the good ol’ days when our families would get together and pull pranks on other families whether it was a fake award outside the on the front lawn, or as simple as toilet papering, no family was safe. But much of our younger years Trevor and Amanda’s families and Krista’s families and a handful of others were always together. So of course, it was a HUGE honor being a part of her wedding day. While I had not met Dan until the initial meeting after our engagement session I felt like I had known him for quite a while. They were such a fun, sweet couple and both of them are so genuinely kind and it’s personalities like Dan and Krista’s that make everything about this job worth it.

The wedding day itself you could not ask for a better day. Partly cloudy, slightly warm, and a whole lot of smiles. 🙂 I don’t know if it’s because I work around weddings ranging from a very hot day to a very cold day, but after coming off a streak of a few very hot, temperatures in the 100s type wedding days, Dan and Krista’s 85 degree wedding felt like a vacation. And WOW! What a wedding party. Everyone, even the ring bearer was getting into the pictures and it was hilarious seeing what some of them came up with. And the personality they were able to pull out, I’m pretty sure every one of the wedding party members was a model at some time in their life.

Dan & Krista were such a fun and entertaining couple to photograph. And I wish them the best on this journey of marriage as well as their ventures with Dan in the Air Force. it’ll be exciting to see where life takes them, but I know for sure that they’ll do great things wherever they are.