Wedding | Daniel & Lacey

Talk about a hot day, and outside no less!! Taking place at Heartland Gardens in Effingham, IL Daniel and Lacey were set to tie the knot on this bright, sunshiny, 100 degree day. 🙂 As the guest started to arrive, no a soul went to sit in the seats surrounding the gazebo. They all made their way into the air conditioned reception hall, and when told to make their way outside the line did not move very quickly. Even the Daniel and his groomsmen shed their jackets and vests. The temperature was pushing 100 (before heat index) and very little breeze… but let me tell you, when that breeze came, it was the most amazing feeling a person could ask for. The great thin was that the entire wedding party was a group of troopers. I don’t think I heard one complaint during pictures that they wanted to go inside. I’m sure they were thinking it, though. The outdoor pictures went very well though, although the sun was in the high noon position we were able to keep everyone well lit and bring out the blues in the sky, so I call it a great success overall.

As the outdoor pictures came to a close everyone was more than ready to get inside the reception hall to cool down, and let me be the first to say that 65 degrees never felt so satisfying. On top of the cool temperature inside, you couldn’t help but smell the scent lemons as you entered. All of the center pieces and decorations inside the hall were just that… lemons. I’m going to have to rank it up there with one of the best smelling receptions I’ve ever done. The decorations were definitely very creative visually and through smell. Daniel and Lacey were a ton of fun to work with and I definitely wish them the best as they begin the rest of their lives together.