Dustin & Ashlee // Effingham, IL Wedding Photography

I’ve known Ashlee for quite a while and I love shooting weddings for those I am familiar with or know because of all the people I get to reconnect with. Unfortunately I’m not great with names of those I haven’t seen for many years, so I’m sure I look like a dork when they come up to me with a “Hey Steffen!!” and I give that look like I know you… but I can’t remember your name. Such awkward situations. Of course, this blog is not about me, nor my awkward experiences. This is all about Ashlee and Dustin and their big day. Like a lot of weddings this year we started out with a first look picture, and I am very much a fan of first looks, especially when it’s just the couple and me, because it’s such an intimate time for the couple to see each other for the first time on their wedding day and the reactions are always so amazing! On top of that, I am always a fan of bright colored weddings, and Ashlee and Dustin had hot pink and black, and of course any bright color with black looks so cool… even pink. 🙂

I know I’ve said this before, but wedding parties that are full of troopers are just the best. When it’s pushing 100+ degrees and they are willing to stand outside for some time to capture some awesome images, it’s just amazing! And not only to go outside and stand, but to go outside and jump a few times for the always amazing jumping picture. I LOVE this picture because no matter how many times I do it, every picture looks so different! After an amazing ceremony we headed over to the reception and you could tell that Ashlee and Dustin put a lot of thought into how they would provide for their guests because they had tables… yes tables of snacks, dips, chips, candies, it was incredible the amount of snacks that were available to the guest. And to top it off they had some of the best smelling, best tasting county style meal I’ve ever tasted! Of course, I could tell you that a thousand times, but it’s one of those things you have to be there to know what I’m talking about. Anyway, these two were such a blast to photograph from the engagement session through the wedding and I know with just the little things like providing for their guests they have a heart to please people, and I know that they will have many happy years ahead of them! Congratulations Dustin and Ashlee!!