Wedding | Gary & Samantha

It was just four months ago now that we did Gary and Sam’s engagement shoot, and wow, was the weather a tad different. 🙂 Engagement shoot – blizzard and COLD, wedding – 80s and humid. Of course, that’s what makes wedding photography fun and interesting, every shoot and every day is different, and if you know me by now you know that I LOVE different and keeping things fresh. The day started out with Sam walking into the church excited and full of smiles. We say hi to each other and go over any last minute details and Sam informs me of a dream that she had the night before ~~~ (those are the wavy scene change effect like in a movie when the person goes into a dream) Waking up Sam realizes the location of the wedding has changed, on her way to the new location she fears that the photographer was not informed of the new location. As the ceremony started, she looked down the aisle only to realize the in fact the photographer was not informed and the memories would not be capture.~~~  I guess in a way it was pretty awesome that she was that concerned about the pictures, but I don’t know how many nightmares of weddings involved the photographer being there. haha I would think maybe the dress rips, the groom doesn’t show up, or something of that nature might be worthy of a wedding-eve nightmare. 🙂

Fortunately I, the photographer, was there so Sam could rest easy knowing that her day would be photographed; even the full hour or more to do her hair. I have a HUGE respect for hair stylists because I do no think I could have the patience like they do for people with such thick hair. As the hair was being styled they played with some arrangements of the flowers in her hair, provided by Kim Cruse of Dream Weddings, and everything turned out wonderfully. The only problem we had to work around was the rain that was supposed to happen this day. All week the weather had a fairly high percentage of rain for the day of Sam’s wedding. I was so bummed too, because the week before at Blake & Crystal‘s wedding the rain played a factor into our creative session. However, to our surprise, as Gary and Sam exited the church the clouds cleared and the sun was bright and the chance of rain was not a problem. The reception went smoothly as well as Rich Cade of C Sharp Mobile Entertainment coordinated the evening. He even took a request from me as the photographer so I could get a good group dancing picture! 🙂 And let me tell you, no matter how many people might be burnt out on it, nothing brings a crowd to the dance floor like the cha cha slide. It’s almost as if we are machines that are controlled by that song. When it comes on we moan and groan but find ourselves on the dance floor takin’ it back y’all. FREEZE….