Wedding | Jake & Jenna

It started the night before the big day when Jenna realized her veil was at the church and she needed it that next morning. Because she was marrying a pastor who worked at the church, one would think there would not be an issue… that is until the church alarm starts to go off late at night. However, this was not a foreshadowing into the next day. The wedding day began like any other, makeup, hair spray, spare shoes and socks, sunglasses and just about anything else you can think of could be found all over the place. Jenna was all smiles, of course I think every time I’ve seen her, she’s been all smiles. 🙂 This was also the first wedding I’ve attended that I think started at the exact minute the program said it would. Very impressive seeing that most weddings I’ve been to start about 15 minutes even 30 minutes later! As Jake and Jenna made their vows to one another, they put the rings on or rather, forced the ring on in Jenna’s case. No no, she did not force Jake into this, the ring just didn’t want to cooperate as she put it on Jake’s finger. After the wedding I knew that outdoor pictures weren’t really on everyone’s to do list because it was 100 degrees outside!! Not counting what the heat index was. I had a brief conversation with Jake and Jenna about this, and told them that 30 years down the road they would be very happy they sweat just a tad to get some fun pictures outside. It was definitely a hot one, but as a DJ I once worked with told me, “I like you, you don’t push the time before the reception unlike most photographers.” I definitely understand that they had visitors who want to see them and I never want pictures to get in the way of that. Of course I do want to capture some awesome images of the two because it’s why they hired me. And we got some pretty fun pictures, and on top of that we got to the reception with even enough time to cool down from the heat.

The reception was held at the Keller Convention Center in Effingham, IL. I absolutely love shooting here because of how on top of things they are. The organizations and the professionalism of those who put it on are just fantastic, and of course the food is top notch! On top of that (am I over using this phrase?), Anatime Entertainment kept events moving along and coordinated the reception wonderfully. Terry (of Anatime) provide great music with transitions that almost made it impossible to realize the song had changed and a light show that kept the mood of a good time. A HUGE congrats to Jake and Jenna as they begin their life together, it was an honor to capture such an important event of their life and I look forward to what the future holds for them.