Wedding: Jared & Shellie

My last outdoor wedding of the year, and the weather was AMAZING! High of 74, partly cloudy, a slight breeze filled the air… It was a great day for a wedding. My first outdoor wedding was at the beginning of the season back in May when I did Heather and Nick’s wedding, and Jared and Shellie were actually friends with Heather and Nick so it was cool to see a bunch of familiar faces. The wedding flowed smoothly, the sky was so blue, and emotions were very much present as they typically are during a wedding. 🙂 Shellie was all smiles though, and when they say a smile is contagious, that’s so true! It’s awesome to look through the lens and see real smiles, because I catch myself smiling just as much! How many jobs can you say your smiling the entire day? It’s the little things like this that I feel so blessed to be doing what I’m doing. As I once heard a speaker say, “we are in the business of happy; weddings are happy, newborns are a happy time, senior year is a happy time…” So True!

I wish Jared and Shellie the best. They were a blast to photograph, and they provided for some awesome moments to be captured! 🙂