Wedding | John & Rachael

When you hear about last minute bookings, John and Rachael defined that term. 🙂 John contacted me literally two weeks before their wedding date, and fortunately I had the day available. It was actually a date that was previously booked but rescheduled for next year so before hearing from John I was pretty bummed not to have June completely book. But then John and Rachael saved the day and booked up my entire June. And because they booked so soon before their wedding we decided to change things up a bit and do their “engagement” session after the wedding. Who says it can be done this way? HA, but I definitely look forward to our, what I’ll call, post-wedding session in Chicago next month!

The weather has definitely been on my side for the past couple months! Every wedding day but one has had a chance of rain and either it has held off until we got all the outdoor pictures done, or it doesn’t rain at all. And again, that was the case with John and Rachael’s wedding. The night before it rained so much I think we had a couple river starting to take form! But as Saturday morning rolled around the clouds made their exit and we had a great day for pictures. And could you ask for a better church as far as lighting is concerned? I walk in and like most small churches the sanctuary is lined with windows and to top it off the interior was white! I will never complain when I have access to natural light reflectors throughout a building. As Natasha and I prepared the cameras and lenses for the big day Rachael showed up and we were off to start shooting. It wasn’t until later that we found out John had a couple last minute errands to run, but I think the thought of “is the groom going to show up” ran through everyone’s head. Of course he did show up, and like most guys was dressed in a matter of minutes. I led John outside so we could do a first look of him and his bride-to-be before the wedding (which I’m a huge fan of first looks), and John was blown away! Nothing but smiles came from him and I think he could barely speak. 🙂

The wedding went very well, and John and Rachael had a small and more intimate reception following, but that did not stop us from capturing some pretty amazing shots throughout the day. A HUGE congratulations to John and Rachael! Here’s to some more amazing pictures to follow from Chicago!