Wedding: Kevin & Hillary

It felt like Deja vu. As I drove into Flora, IL down the street surrounded by large trees and houses that took me back to the early 1900s. This seems really familiar, I thought to myself, as my trusty GPS led me to the church where a wedding would soon take place. “In 2000 feet destination on the right,” I hear from the GPS. I look to my right, and no wonder it felt so familiar, I was just here for my best friend’s wedding just 4 months earlier. It was from his wedding that I picked up a lot of pointers from the photographer. Not verbally, but you know how it goes… as a photographer you attend a wedding, or maybe you are in it, you’re watching the photographer’s every move, seeing what they do differently than you. So I was really excited to photograph a wedding where I learned a lot of new skills. It’s crazy how quickly time goes by in between shooting the engagement session and then the wedding, it felt like just yesterday I was out by a lake with Kevin, Hillary, and their dog! The big day finally came, and the colors, the lighting, the moments, and the ceremony was amazing! And the love was ever so present.

I truly enjoyed photographing Kevin and Hillary. They were a blast to photograph, they were full of laughter and love, and it definitely showed in the pictures. 🙂