Wedding | Kyle & Carol Ann

In life we learn many lessons, and at Kyle and Carol Ann’s wedding, I think the lesson I learned was not to where a fitted gray long sleeve button up shirt on a 100 degree day with no breeze. Whoo, that was a mouth full. 🙂 Let me be the first to say, nothing makes you appreciate air conditioning more than spending a few hours outside in dress clothes on a hot humid day in Illinois. However, it was TOTALLY worth it!! Kyle and Carol Ann’s pictures turned out amazing. After the ceremony Carol Ann wanted to do wedding party pictures at the Old State Capitol in Vandalia, IL. This was her dream location for having pictures, and the place was set up perfectly for some amazing pictures as well. And the thing I love about the old building is that there just isn’t much architecture quite like it in this area. By that I mean, big windows, tall columns, you know the features of an old building built over 100 years ago when they really knew how to make a building look good. 🙂 Not only that, the brick path with the shrubs lining it was just perfect, and what an AMAZING couple to photograph at this location.

After some amazing pictures in Vandalia, we headed over to Thelma Keller Convention Center to finish the evening off with an amazing reception. I absolutely love photographing receptions at the Thelma Keller Convention Center! Everything from the planning the details before the reception to the evening itself, I’ve not worked at a more professional and well-planned venue yet. On top of that, I think that literally half my weddings this year have receptions there. Receptions that take place here pan out so smoothly and you can definitely tell an ease in the couple’s stress when their event takes place here. And I’m definitely a fan when the couple is not stressing because it allows for their love to shine through each other and the pictures turn out that much better. I truly enjoyed working with Kyle and Carol Ann, they are a super kind couple and it’s quite clear the love they have for each other. As always, I definitely wish them the best as they start a new chapter in their life and look forward to see what is in their future! 🙂