Wedding | Michael & Alyssa

It had been quite a while since I had spent time with Michael and Alyssa. We nailed down their engagement pictures last year and the time before that was when they book, which was about 1.5 years prior to their wedding day if I remember correctly. My how time flies by. One thing I really enjoy about working with these two is that Alyssa is (or at least was when we did the engagement shoot) a fan of America’s Next Top Model, I think it was that show at least. haha Anyway, it’s just fun working with a couple that’s all about working the modeling skills. Definitely provides for some fun pictures and allows us to get those pictures in a short amount of time. I’m talking the shutter click – new pose – shutter click – new pose type of style. I almost felt bad getting Michael and Alyssa to the reception early because I felt like I had not used my time wisely… Until I looked at my camera and saw how many pictures we got!!

As for the wedding day itself, you could not ask for a better planned wedding. Everyone showed up on time, the wedding went flawlessly, and family pictures after the ceremony were quite possibly the quickest of any wedding I’ve ever done, which I’ll give credit to Alyssa’s dad there for being on the ball. Gary, the videographer from Riviera Records and Video even said it was one of the fastest family shoots he had seen at a wedding. And speaking of, Gary did a tremendous job at capturing Michael and Alyssa’s big day on video. With multiple angles working capturing those special moments on video, it’ll be an everlasting memory that Michael and Alyssa can watch and relive their special day.

Just like every other Saturday this year, there was a pretty high chance of rain, even storms, on the day of their wedding. I told Steve (Alyssa’s dad) that so far every wedding, the rain had held off so I was hoping for the same on this Saturday. He jokingly replied that they did not pay me for good luck, but if it didn’t rain I could bill him for it. 🙂 I’m not quite sure what I charge for sunny days? But thankfully as the ceremony came to a close the clouds outside made an exit and the sun came out for the rest of the evening. It was almost too perfect the timing of the sun making it’s appearance. So we captured some great outdoor shots and made our way to the reception, ahead of schedule too. The reception went wonderfully and I wish Michael and Alyssa the best as they start the rest of their lives together!!