Nick & Rachel // Olney, IL Wedding Photography

Outdoor weddings are always exciting, not only because it’s outdoor and you get the fresh air but because it keeps you on edge; is it going to rain, will it be too hot, will guests be able to find this location, on top of just about any other doubt that might come with planning a wedding. Well, it did rain, thankfully not at the location where the wedding was at. It was one of those rain showers where it pours on one end of town but the other it’s completely dry. It was hot… VERY hot. I think the heat index was pushing 110-115, thankfully where the ceremony took place it was shaded and very much a wind tunnel, however this did not hide up the fact that it was insanely hot. As I always say though, the heat of the day makes you appreciate air conditioning so much more. Step outside of 10 minutes and come into your house and it feels as if you are stepping into a freezer, I love that feeling. Or when you walk into the grocery store and the doors open and it feels like you’re at the end of a automatic car wash dryer, but the air is 10 degrees, yeah, something like that.

Whoo, let me get back on topic now. Nick and Rachel were just awesome to work with. One thing I really love about small town weddings is for the most part everyone is just down to earth and wants to have a good time. There’s very little stress with a lot of weddings I shoot and the bride is so relaxed you would think something was wrong. But I LOVE it. It is funny however, because at most weddings I shoot the groomsmen and bridesmaid are more tense than the couple themselves. 🙂 On top of that outdoor weddings I feel allow for the couple to just relax, and in Nick and Rachel’s case the ceremony took place on Nick’s family’s land so they were in familiar territory, so what was there to stress about? And the things that happen and the things that are said, it’s all so amazing that this is part of the job I have as a wedding photographer because the stories that come from each wedding are all so different and so amazing.

Nick and Rachel, again, were just a blast and I can’t be happier for them! 🙂