Wedding: Travis & Kara

Yet again, another PERFECT day for a wedding; not too warm, not too cold, it was just right. Leaves were just starting to change, grass was still green… you literally couldn’t ask for anything better. I was very much looking forward Travis & Kara’s wedding, after their engagement session and seeing how unique these two were, and what an awesome couple they were, not only did they mesh together well, they worked GREAT in their pictures! Not once did I have to pose them, they just worked their magic, and maybe a hint of love (lol) and their pictures turned out great! Their wedding was hardly any different. I’ll jump to the post wedding. The wedding party was a little more relaxed, we were in middle of a fairway on a golf course and laughter was filling the air (and the camera!). What an AWESOME group to work with.

Everything was amazing. The ceremony went great, the wedding party was more than enjoyable to photograph… and the reception, wow! This was definitely one of the nicest meals I have seen at a reception! Steaks and Lemon Garlic Chicken as the main course, and I’m not talking little 2 oz steaks, these things were HUGE! The dancing was off the hook, the entire wedding party was on the floor the entire time, which provided for some really fun pictures.

Fast forward to the picture editing. I have never laughed so much editing pictures. You know those little moments that happen and you don’t see them because you are just snapping away, well I had A LOT of those. Flipping through my pictures and studying the facial expressions, it was hilarious!! I really enjoyed working with Travis and Kara, as well as their wedding party and family. I wish Travis and Kara many years of happiness, which I’m sure will come easy for them. 🙂