Wedding | Trevor & Amanda

So many things about this wedding was just beyond perfect. The weather: 77 degrees, partly cloudy, low humidity – perfect! Scheduling, decorations, dress, guests showing up on time – perfect! Trevor and Amanda – perfect! I’ve known Trevor and Amanda a big portion of my life. We all attended the same church growing up and our families were all very close so we were all extremely close. So needless to say it was just an amazing honor to be a part of their big day and to be able to capture the memories of Trevor and Amanda. One really awesome thing about Trevor and Amanda’s wedding was the slideshow. I mean, this made the wedding seem almost movie like. You’ve seen the high school sweethearts get married and they have pictures of themselves from high school, but how many married couples have pictures together from when they were pre-Junior High?! No, maybe they weren’t in a relationship if you can even call anything before high school a “relationship”, but still, it’s pretty neat.

Because they had a Friday wedding, the ceremony took place later in the evening, and not wanting their guests to have to wait any longer after the ceremony to eat, we did all the pictures beforehand kicking them off by doing a very intimate first look. The only people in the sanctuary were Trevor and Amanda (of course), Amanda’s dad running a video camera, and me capturing the images. Which again, what an honor to be a part of that!! As Amanda walked down the aisle and took the turn toward Trevor, she stopped in her tracks, looked at him (his back to her) and noticed something was a bit off. Trevor was going to try and get away with wearing some new black/white nike shoes through the wedding, but of course, Amanda noticed them almost immediately and smiles turned to laughter as she figured out his plan. As Trevor turned around, it was, again, like a hollywood movie if only the video camera was spinning around them enough times and fast enough to make you dizzy, you would think so too. But Trevor’s jaw dropped and he was just blown away. It was an extremely special moment, and one they will never forget I’m sure.

Being the church I grew up in, I always feel very comfortable shooting there. On top of that, the bright can lights and colored can lights provide the possibility of some amazing lighting and coloring to the pictures. And the ability to control the sanctuary lighting as well makes the wedding party almost seem like they are alone in the room. The ceremony went fantastic and to speed things up even quicker, Amanda and Trevor did not release the guest row by row or even with a receiving line, instead they were presented as the couple and they exited and headed to the reception. This was the first time I’ve ever shown up to a reception hall and I was the only one in the room. 🙂 But if you are looking for a quick way to release your guests, nothing works faster than this.

Anyway, a HUGE congrats to Trevor and Amanda, it’s been a long time coming, and the wedding was definitely an amazing one and I was glad to be a part of it.